What results are critical to your company’s success?   

  • Higher sales and revenues?
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention?                                    
  • Enhanced sales team productivity?
  • Increased cross selling?
  • Successful post-merger integration?
  • Reduced expenses?
  • Increased returns?

Eastport has solutions!


Our Mission

Eastport Marketing Group helps insurance companies, distributors and administrators increase sales and revenues, improve customer satisfaction, lower costs and improve profitability.

Why engage Eastport?

We approach each project – from the outside looking in - as an unbiased observer. We are objective. We have worked with a broad variety of companies, each with varying strengths and weaknesses, and have seen the full range of capabilities from best to worst practices. We have helped clients solve an array of complex problems. And we can provide additive resources, on a temporary basis, that can immediately focus on a particular challenge when a client’s executive team members have plates too full to do so…very typically the case in today’s world of lean running.

Our Expertise

We are product agnostic. We are experts in assessing problems and isolating the root causes, identifying
innovative pathways to improvement, and providing executive caliber talent to successfully lead and complete strategic projects.

Our Method

We ask challenging questions, listen (listen, listen, and listen some more), develop an understanding of your business and your unique challenges and needs, and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Then we work with your team to develop and implement customer-focused, customized, creative solutions that get results, with minimal resource drain or disruption.

We would like to talk with you about your business objectives and how we can help improve your
company’s performance.

It is our belief that the best way to succeed
is to help others succeed.


Eastport's Guarantee

We guarantee our services. Period. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, tell us. We will fix it to
your satisfaction or all fees will be returned. This guarantee gets us out of bed in the morning, and lets our
customers sleep at night.